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Washington Psychological Services provides Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services Evaluations for children and adolescents who are currently receiving or are eligible to receive BHR services. The evaluations focus on the child's strengths, history and areas of behavioral concern. A BHR services evaluation takes approximately one hour and includes one measure of assessment to determine the prominent areas of clinical concern. Recommendations are provided that include specific levels of service designed to address the behavioral symptoms of the child or adolescent to aid in more successful functioning in various environments. Plans of care are included when applicable and can span a 6 month period of time. Thereafter, a re-evaluation is required for continuation of these services.

Cost: Varies (usually covered partially or fully by most insurance carriers)


Washington Psychological Services does not provide Neuropsychological Evaluations. We refer all cases to Dr. Eric Fishman, how has offices both in Pittsburgh and Wheeling WV.


Bariatric Evaluations

Pain Control Device Impant Evaluations


We provide Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults. The overall purpose of the psychological evaluation for ADHD is to asses the presence of ADHD symptoms and to make helpful and appropriate recommendations relevant to academic, social, and behavioral functioning. ADHD evaluations include a clinical interview, an examination of an individual's history, an assessment of cognitive functioning, a measure of academic achievement and visual and auditory processing and several questionnaires for both parent and teachers to complete when appropriate. ADHD evaluations conclude with a written report of the test findings, interpretation and recommendations. This information is usually reviewed during the feedback session.

Cost: Typically covered by insurance carries after a completion of a pre-authorization process with the exception of the academic achievement measure. The inclusion of the academic achievement measure is $180.00


Our office carries out a large number of evaluations for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. The purpose of these evaluations is to assess psychological functioning as it relates to an individual's potential and interest regarding areas of training, education and employment. At the conclusion of these evaluations, a written report is provided that includes an interpretation of test results as well as recommendations assisting the individual in attaining success and reaching vocational goals. Evaluations can also be done for individuals who want to understand something about the areas in which they are likely to achieve successful employment.

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